About this web site

This web site deals with double-mallet grips used for playing musical instruments like the xylophone and especially the marimba and the vibraphone. Double-mallet grips are also often known as four-mallet grips although the grips in question actually control only two mallets; the name “four-mallet grip” refers to the normal practice of using two mallets in each hand which gives a total number of four mallets.

The author is Magnus Johansson and the illustrator is Adam Rönnegård who together are working on a book called The Johansson Grip, describing in detail the double-mallet grip invented by the author.

Readers of this web site are encouraged to give comments, for example by asking questions to help enlighten themselves or enlighten Magnus, Adam and others by contributing some of their knowledge.


One Response to “About this web site”

  1. Michael Udow 2016-10-27 at 17:13 #

    Hello Mr. Johansson, thank you for posting the grip information on your website. As I am currently working on a book that will discuss the pros and cons of various grips, I noticed that you are working on a book that describes your grip and I would be interested in knowing about it as I may be able to reference it in my overview. Sincere thanks in advance for providing any information on your specific grip. ~ Michael Udow, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan (USA)

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