About the author

Magnus Johansson is a Swedish musician, teacher and author, born in Sala in 1965. His first instrument was the recorder at age 7, then he studied percussion, piano, clarinet and organ, eventually becoming an organist in 1986. He has pursued extensive studies in music theory and has a diploma in musicology. After many years playing the organ and teaching mainly piano and music theory he started — this time from a teacher’s viewpoint — to rediscover the Orff-Schulwerk and took up percussion playing. After experimenting with different double-mallet grips he invented the Johansson grip in 2010.

Besides Doublemalletgrips he also writes at and manages another WordPress website, Music Notation Programs, at http://musicnotationprograms.wordpress.com.

To contact Magnus, write to johanssongreppet (at) yahoo (period) se.


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