The Gordy Grip

20 Sep

The Gordy grip is named after the American marimbist and composer Gordon Stout (1952 -). The grip is a cross-grip with the outer mallet above the inner mallet, just like in the Burton grip, but the outer mallet is held between the middle finger and the ring finger like in the Musser grip. Gordon told us the following in a comment here on Doublemalletgrips under the article The ten double-mallet grips:

I was taught this technique by my first teacher, James Salmon at the University of Michigan. He was a Musser grip player, and played in the Marimba Symphony International under Musser’s direction. He taught me the “Gordy grip” as a trainer for the Musser grip, because my hands were too small when I started for Musser grip. He decided at some point to leave me with the technique and not switch me to Musser grip. I started four mallets with the Gordy grip in the early 1960′s. I don’t remember the exact year.

The Gordy grip is the same grip as the Miceli stoned grip of American vibraphonist Tony Miceli (1960 -) that Miceli came up with in the early 1980’s not knowing that Gordon Stout and also American percussionist and pianist Victor Feldman (1934 – 1987) already used the grip. Tony Miceli wrote in a comment to the article The ten double-mallet grips:

i play the same grip as gordon. i learned it because i went to a gary burton concert and i was stoned and drinking. really awful now, but i was young and just moved to the city and went wild.

anyway, i saw gary play and for some weird reason i swore he was using that grip. i realized when i saw him play later that year that it was my bad. he was using one finger in the middle, i was just too high to notice. consider that an anti drug message!


Below are two images of the Gordy grip.

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